Foibles & Favors Poetry Zine

Dr. Cyn is a confessional poet using haikus, sonnets, and free verse. Foibles & Favors features 59 poems about love, sex, and hypocrisy. 

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Lyrics & Vocals by Dr. Cyn Corrigible
Music, Drums, & Rhythm Guitar by Phantom Farmer
Lead Guitar by The Grey A
Bass by Brian Stone

Produced, Arranged, & Mixed by Phantom Farmer
at The Stone Farm, Nashville, Tennessee USA

Video by Dr. Cyn Corrigible

Cover Art by Morf


Watch the video for SLAVE BODY

Off our album MATH IS HARD!

with a special dedication by Dr. Cyn Corrigible


Slave Body by Graduates Rise

With dedication by Dr. Cyn Corrigible

for Riot Grill Productions'

Severe Impact: The Brock Allen Turner Mixtape

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Graduates Rise Band - Math is Hard! Lineup, Richmond, Virginia.

Photos by Cherie Canary. 

 Jay Westermann

Jay Westermann