Lyrics & Vocals by Dr. Cyn Corrigible
Music, Drums, & Rhythm Guitar by Phantom Farmer
Lead Guitar by The Grey A
Bass by Brian Stone

Produced, Arranged, & Mixed by Phantom Farmer at The Stone Farm, Nashville, Tennessee

Video by Dr. Cyn Corrigible

Cover art by Morf



Graduates Rise's Debut album Math Is Hard! Out Now


Math is Hard! lineup

Lyrics/Vocals - Dr. Cyn Corrigible
Music/Guitar/Vocals - The Grey A
Bass - Jay Westermann
Drums - Herschel Stratego
Math is Hard! Engineered and Produced by
Russell Lacy at Virginia Moonwalker, Richmond, Virginia
Cover art by Morf

Graduates Rise uses punk rock, confessional poetry, and explicit criticism in an attempt to demystify politics and systems of higher education. Many of the issues stopping system improvement are philosophical ones.

Graduates Rise's debut album Math is Hard! confronts some of the issues facing higher education and seeks to shift the focus from blaming individuals to instead recognizing how systems perpetuate aggressions. 

Specifically, the record tells the story of Dr. Cyn Corrigible and her experiences as a low income student with disabilities in a PhD program.

Counter-hegemony deals directly with the dominance of positivism and how it has led to the financialization of education, further discussed in Student AccountingTrash Data questions the effectiveness of laws around informed consent in today’s world of big data. Bully This tells the story of women and queers in science, attempting to work within a world dominated by white, male epistemologies. Slave Body serves as a thinking-man’s chain gang song, with perspectives coming from the id, ego, and super ego. Quit Lit sheds light on specifics of how people are degraded by education systems. Blame it on the Oligarchs draws attention to the role education systems play in maintaining wealth disparity in the world and Are You Blind? questions how this continues to happen. Whistleblower delivers a powerful message demanding change. I Can't Wait is a song about falling in love with Richmond, one of the USA's great punk rock cities.

Graduates Rise's follow up single Pussygrabber is a sex-positive song that presents consent culture the Riot Grrrl way. None shall comply with the Pussygrabber! All shall bow to the pussy power!

Graduates Rise formed in specific response to how students, employees, and the community of Richmond, Virginia are treated in the wake of Virginia Commonwealth University’s expansion and occurs in conjunction with activism demanding VCU utilize engaged research approaches to develop ethical and rigorous measurement systems designed to assess student, employee, and community climate and satisfaction. 

Graduates Rise continues making music in response to human rights violations occurring across the country and around the world. We will not stop.

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